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We can’t express how happy we are to be part of this travel community on Instagram with all you inspiring people! Thanks for your support, comments, exchanging tips and follows! It’s so much appreciated.

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On November 27, 2019 we left from Schiphol airport with a one way ticket to Asia for a trip without an end date. We had sold just about all our belongings shortly beforehand, quit our jobs and canceled our apartment rental.

We have since shared our travel stories on various platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course our own website. Instagram soon became our favorite social platform. The opportunity to build a profile in which we can express our passion for both photography and filming is particularly appealing to us.

We spend a lot of time taking photos and recording inspiring videos. The interaction with our followers gives us great energy! Recently we also started posting on IGTV. All our travel videos have a link to a corresponding blog on our website. Here viewers can read more information about the topic in question.


Almost six months later:

1K of followers is a fact!

Especially for this occasion, we have made a video where we look back on all the beautiful moments of the past and a preview of what is to come. ENJOY and once again thank you for all the support.

Joeri & Eline
Globe To Travel

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