This is us, Joeri and Eline. A travel couple from the Netherlands. In 2018 we decided that it was time to leave everything behind and start travelling the world. With the aim to gaining new experiences, getting to know new people, smell new scents and taste new flavors. With the goal to understand what the world has to offer and what we can give back to it! After a long preparation, about which you can read more on our website, it was time to leave by the end of 2019. Our world trip without a specific end date has started. Together, as a travel couple, we are “Globe to travel” but you will certainly also get to know us separately.


Joeri Sijstermans

From childhood on I have been interested in getting to know the world and our place in it. Getting to know different people from different cultures is the most valuable experience you can get. After travel destinations within Europe and then America, southern Africa and Asia, I am ready for the great adventure and leave everything behind for the journey of my life. Deregistered in my own country, resigned from work and things sold: I am ready!

Eline and local

Eline Havermans

Mindset determines your goals. At the age of 17, travelling and working abroad made me believe in continuïng self development and getting inspired by life and others, until I am ready to inspire others the same way. 10 years later I want to discover what kind of unknown wonders that the world has to offer can inspire me more. By traveling! Adjust to each situation, love the difference in people instead of denying it. Everything is possible, as long as you have the motivation to make it work!

I want to learn and teach, I want to travel and meet!