Here you will find our stories and guides about how to prepare for traveling. The stories and guides are specially written to give you a starting point for your own travel. You will find a lot of tips and suggestions that will make your trip even more memorable and convenient.

day pack Joeri

Choose the right day pack

In addition to a backpack, it is of course also important to take a good day pack with you on a trip. If you do not carry valuables with you during the day, almost every day pack is suitable. If you...

Backpack tuk tuk

Choose the right backpack

Probably the most important part of gear you are about to buy, is your backpack. So where to start? There are so many sizes, types and different brands that we can image that it is hard to choose! No...


Book the cheapest flight ticket

Have you chosen your perfect traveldestination? Then it’s time for you to book the cheapest flight ticket! These days there are a lot of search engines that claim to offer the cheapest plane...


Sell your stuff

Why you should do it! Unfortunatelly when travelling you can only pack the essentials and travel light. But what to do with your stuff when leaving your home for a long time? We sold it all! We found...


Getting the right vaccinations

Where to start? It is difficult to find a good guideline for vaccinations, especially if you do not know exactly where you are going yet or if you want to travel the world. Since you do not yet know...