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In addition to a backpack, it is of course also important to take a good day pack with you on a trip. If you do not carry valuables with you during the day, almost every day pack is suitable. If you do carry valuables with you, it is important that you choose a day pack that is so safe that you can carry it on your back all day without the fear of something happening to your belongings.

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Safety first

For us, safety has been a very important factor when choosing a daypack. There are countless stories of travelers whose wallets, passports and other important items are stolen from the day pack in a devious way. Fortunately, smart ‘thiefproof’ day packs are available these days that are less sensitive to malicious people who are after your things.

Hidden zipper

With an anti theft day pack, the location of the zipper is between the bag and your body (back). This makes it difficult for others to open it from the outside while you are carrying the bag. The zipper can also additionally be secured by a lock.

Lock day pack

Cut-resistant material

There are of course several ways to steal someone’s personal belongings. One way is to cut open the bag in passing with a knife. Anti theft bags are made of cut-resistant material. This means that the bags cannot be penetrated from the outside with a knife.


In addition to safety, it is of course also important that the layout of the day pack matches the type of traveller you are. Are you a backpacker and do you prefer to throw everything loose in your bag? Then you need few ‘compartments’. Do you work as a digital nomad and do you have gear like a laptop with you? Then you might be looking for a bag that has a separate latop compartment and compartments to store your cables. The offer in day packs is immense. So there is no lack of choice. Before purchasing, think carefully about what you need exactly and choose wisely. Different layouts are also available in the anti-theft variants.


It is especially nice in the rainy season if your day pack is waterproof. It is good to know that there are day packs available that have a built-in rain cover. Separate covers are available for day packs that do not have a built-in rain cover. When purchasing a cover, pay attention to the number of liters of your day pack so that you take the right size.

Our day pack


Eline uses a XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft bag (polyester) that features a cut-proof design, a hidden zipper and secret pockets. The day pack is shockproof and has a fully integrated USB charging port (powerbank not included). The bag fits a 15.6″ laptop in the laptop compartment.


The Urban Anti-Theft bag of the same brand is used by Joeri for traveling. The day pack features a cut-proof design, a steel enforced lock and secret pockets. The bag has capacity up to 27 liters and fits a 15.6″ laptop in the laptop compartment.

Our conclusion

We are very pleased with our two bags of XD design. We mainly use the Bobby version for carrying a laptop and our drone. It is convenient that the bag has several small compartments that make storage easy. We use the Urban variant to store our second laptop. In addition, given the large storage space, this bag is very suitable for somewhat larger items. For example, in this day pack we take our additional electronics with us and there is also sufficient space left for, food, drinks and extra clothing. Both bags also meet the dimensions that are allowed as hand luggage when making air travel.

Personal touch

To provide the bags with a personal touch, we decided to print them with our Globe To Travel logo. The Bobby bag has the logo printed on the side, while the Urban variant has the logo in the middle on the front. If you are looking for an option to buy the bag and have it printed immediately, we recommend that you have it done at Vistaprint. Our bags are also printed here and we are very pleased with the price-quality ratio.

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This information has been compiled with the utmost care and is based on a comparison of the popularity, quality, possibilities and reviews of users. We hope you find your partner to travel the globe with! If you are looking for a backpack, you can also read our article about choosing the right backpack.

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