Sell your stuff

Why you should do it!

Unfortunatelly when travelling you can only pack the essentials and travel light. But what to do with your stuff when leaving your home for a long time?

We sold it all! We found other lovely people to rent our apartment, asked friends if they needed anything but most of all our stuff we sold at marketplaces and online. It feels good to make other people happy with your ‘useless’ stuff ánd you can save some extra money for a cocktail in the sun! So start and sell the stuff you don’t need anymore. This is a big step closer to freedom in your mind!


How to sell your stuff

  1. Gather all your stuff (in the house, the garage, at your mom’s house, under your bed)
  2. Separate them in different boxes, what to store and what to sell
  3. Label the boxes so when you sell them you know what is inside like;
    – SELL kitchen – STORE kitchen
    – SELL living room – STORE living room
  4. Having a good playlist, ask some friends to join you to relax while packing
  5. Prepair a pouch bag with spare change for when selling
  6. Book a market & ENJOY!
When bargaining becomes a sport…

Often it costs some money to book a market, in the Netherlands around 22 USD (20 EURO). We decided to book 3 markets to sell everything and paid +/-60 dollars in total but earned on the other hand 315 USD (285 EURO). Our profit came down to 255 USD (that is 225 EURO!). This is one of many small ways to earn some travelmoney while preparing in your homecountry!

Do you have stuff left that has still some emotional value to you and you cannot ‘just sell it?’ Or clothes that you are attached to, but deep down know that you will never wear them again after traveling?

There are many unfortunate and poor people in your own country and the rest of the world who cannot afford some luxury. Maybe you can do something selfless and donate those goods and clothes to them in need. They will be very thankful and we are very thankful on their behalf! For some options think about a clothing dumbster, second life stores or less known organisations that ship all kind of stuff to undeveloped countries. We chose to give our stuff to an organisation that brings everything to Balkan countries like Macedonia and Romania.

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