Surabaya, the best things to do

Are you interested in Indonesia because of her rich history?
Visit Surabaya! (Or the Dutch way; Soerabaja. You will see this variety many times when visiting)

If you come to Surabaya, you can expect to see many museums, statues and places in memory of the World War II and about their history as a Dutch Colony for many years. Besides that, Surabaya offers you the perfect combination between some old neighborhoods and skyscrapers. And shopping for new clothes is very easy with all the big shopping malls around!

Why Soerabaja?

We decided to explore Surabaya the cultural way because we are Dutch and felt like we needed to know how our ancestors got a long with eachother at the time that Indonesia was known as a Dutch colony. Surabaya offers well known and less known historical places, so we decided to do some of both so we could create our own memories about beautiful Indonesia.

We visited everything in two days, most activities by foot. After these days we can say that it is manageable, but at some parts we could have been happy with our own driver to show us around and tell us addition information. And if you are not walking, you can do all our points of interests on one day.

Monumen Kapal Selam (the Submarine Monument)

On regular bases we see many trains, boats and planes around us. These big forces have become a part of our daily life. When you get the chance to see those big forces that used during the World War II it is getting more special. But what if you get the chance to see an original submarine used during the World War II? Right! Who doesn’t want to see that? When visiting Surabaya, you must walk by to see this giant. Why it is a populair activity for tourists, read our full article about the Submarine Monument.

Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument)

Indonesia has had a rough time quick after the World War II, fighting for their independency. There has been a group of brave freedom fighters in Surbaya and you can learn all about them at the 10th November museum! This museum belongs with the Tugu Pahlawan, the monument that honors the freedom fighters and many others who gave their live at that time. Read our full article about the Tugu Pahlawan in Surabaya.

Kepanjen Church (Church of the Birth of Our Lady)

Whenever you see a religious building like a mosque, churche or temple, do you want to see it up close? Discover details? Feel the mystery behind the old bricks? The Church of the Birth of Our Lady is one of the oldest churches in Surabaya and has a special story to tell. Do you want to find out what is so special about her? Read our full article about the Church of the Birth of Our Lady.

The Jembatan Merah (the Red Bridge)

The Jembatan Merah red bridge is known for the battle of independency in 1945, where the fight between Indonesians and the English took place. Nowadays, if you visit the bridge as a tourist, there will be nothing unusual about it. But on daily base many Indonesians come here to find peace, thinking about their loved and lost ones or to think about how their life changed that day. This bridge still means a lot to them. For a tourist not a place of interest on top of your list, but being in the neighborhood it is worth visiting! Nice to know; at the end of the bridge starts the Chinatown of Surabaya.

Taman Harmoni Hutan Bambu

Are you looking for something different? This park is a hidden gem in Surabaya! Have you ever been to a place with only bamboo around you? Here you can roam around, see some other place than a historical sight and enjoy the company of only locals. The forest is part of a bigger park with flowers and more. Read our full article about the Taman Harmoni Hutan Bambu.

Shoppingmall Surabaya Town Square

This shoppingmall is one of the two that we have seen in Surabaya. Because Surabaya is known for her huge malls we wanted to see two opposite ones. The Surabaya Town Square shoppingmall was in relation to the Plaza Surabaya the smallest and modest one. But we had a good walk around and found a really nice coffee spot on the ground floor! It is called My Kopi-O! and is a part of many My Kopi-O!’s around Indonesia.

Their cool logo on the wall
Atmosphere of the coffeespot
A real artistic cup of cappuccino

Plaza Surabaya Shoppingmall

Before walking all day, we wanted to grab something small to eat. The starting point of our sighseeing day full of historical sights started at the submarine monument, that is next to this shoppingmall. When arriving in the mall we sat down at the J.CO Donuts & Coffee, a company originating from Indonesia and they have the most delicious donuts and good cappuccino’s (we are fan). Besides that, if you ask, they want to help you with making the best choice, they have so many flavored donuts that choosing becomes hard to do!

So many choices!
A peanutbutter-chocolate donut and a red velvet-cream donut.
Each for 42.000 IDR / 2,40 EUR / 2,60 USD

Do you want to visit one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most luxurious, shoppingmall of Indonesia? In a 12-minute walk you can visit the Tunjungan Surabaya Shoppingmall. The name is a little confusing, but you will know the difference when walking in. You will see so many floors when looking up!

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