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1K followers on Instagram

We can’t express how happy we are to be part of this travel community on Instagram with all you inspiring people! Thanks for your support, comments, exchanging tips and follows! It’s so much appreciated. Follow Globe To Travel on Instagram On November 27, 2019 we left from Schiphol airport with a one way ticket to Asia for a trip without an end date. We had...

UBUD Coffee

Top 3 Coffeespots in Ubud

When spending your day roaming around in Ubud, there must be time for a good cup of coffee! We have spend quit some time in Ubud and are very happy to share our top 3 coffeespots in Ubud with you! Our time here was divided by doing activities like visiting the most popular places, and working at cosy coffee spots with good WiFi. In our other article we let you know...

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The best things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, thè city every backpacker will know when you tell them that you are from the Netherlands. ‘The city of the stuff and nice people!’ We can’t remember those endless times we’ve heard the recognition of this city in their voice. This city is a perfect foundation of an conversation with a stranger. And it should be, because this city is full of suprises...