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Bambu omslag

Take a walk in the forest of bamboo

Surabaya is a popular city amongst tourists who love history. The city is known for her museums, statues and places in memory of the World War II and about their history as a Dutch colony for many years. Even though we like history, the Bamboo Forest in Surabaya was a non-historical place and one of the most fun ones to have done while being in this big city! Because...

Monkey forest

Spot monkeys in the Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest was by far the most relaxing activity that we have done in Ubud! It is just a 10min ride from the center of Ubud, we found the best coffeespot in just 3 minutes from the park (read here about Mother Ubud!) and you get to come close to wild animals! So you don’t need to travel far to see such beauty! Although we arrived in Ubud in November, the...

Adam banner

The best things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, thè city every backpacker will know when you tell them that you are from the Netherlands. ‘The city of the stuff and nice people!’ We can’t remember those endless times we’ve heard the recognition of this city in their voice. This city is a perfect foundation of an conversation with a stranger. And it should be, because this city is full of suprises...