Getting the right vaccinations

Where to start?

It is difficult to find a good guideline for vaccinations, especially if you do not know exactly where you are going yet or if you want to travel the world. Since you do not yet know exactly where the journey is going, you will have to do it with a global idea. No worries! There is a standard package of vaccinations that you can use when you are planning your travel without a specific destination. In addition, you can also make the choice to be vaccinated with extra vaccines against the less common infectious diseases.

The standard package

The standard package of vaccinations consists of hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid fever, rabies and DTP. We were also given the option to be vaccinated for japases encephalitis and tick encephalitis. Because of the low chance of infection, we have decided to only take the standard package of vaccinations. In addition, we both requested two malaria emergency medication packages. The drug is called Malarone and should be taken if there is a clear indication of malaria infection. In some countries there is not enough reliable malaira medication available. Hence the advice to take this from your home country.

Our experience

We got our injections on two different mornings. Apart from a stiff arm, we have not really suffered from the vaccinations. So we recommend that you at least take the standard vaccination package before you travel.


Pay attention; the above is only based on our experiences and is therefore not a vaccination advice. We strongly advice you to be informed by the appropriate medical authorities in your own country. For more information about vaccinations you can visit the website of the World Health Organisation.

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