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Because we have a wide globe to travel! We are Joeri & Eline, and we have always been drawn to unknown places. As travellers we are constantly trying to take our backpack even further then the country before. Which places haven't many people seen? How do other ethnic groups live? Where do we encounter unknown buildings, animal species and lifestyles? Healthy heart and head means diversity in our daily schedule. See how that works out for us!

We would like to inspire you by sharing our experiences and giving you tips and tricks to become a worldtraveller yourself!

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Surabaya, the best things to do

Are you interested in Indonesia because of her rich history?Visit Surabaya! (Or the Dutch way; Soerabaja. You will see this variety many times when visiting)If you come to Surabaya, you can expect to see many museums, statues and places in memory of the World War II and about their history as a Dutch Colony for many years. Besides that, Surabaya offers you the perfect combination between some old...


Grab: the budget way to get around in Asia

Grab! Nice to meet you. Grab is the Asian variant of the well-known Uber. In fact, any local who wants to make some extra money can become a driver. But sometimes it also concerns taxi drivers who want to earn something extra in this way. Grab is available in almost every Asian country. But in some places, the government has banned it in order to give the local taxi drivers a fair chance. Now you...


1K followers on Instagram

We can’t express how happy we are to be part of this travel community on Instagram with all you inspiring people! Thanks for your support, comments, exchanging tips and follows! It’s so much appreciated. Follow Globe To Travel on Instagram On November 27, 2019 we left from Schiphol airport with a one way ticket to Asia for a trip without an end date. We had sold just about all our...

Malioboro Banner

Immerse with locals at the Jalan Malioboro

Jalan Malioboro, a popular place amongst both tourists and locals. Jalan is the Indonesian word for street. It is a long shopping street and they sell everything you can imagine! Toys, balloons, clothing, souvenirs, art and food on both sides of Malioboro street. It is very easy to spend a whole evening here! Let the real Indonesia in and enjoy this busy buzz and bargaining around you! Jalan...